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Castello Pipes Carlo Scotti, created the Castello pipe in , in a little artisan workshop. His aim was to produce a pipe which was technically and aesthetically at the absolute summit of the quality “parametro”. This quality means many things which are hard to explain. It means working only and exclusively the best briar, that is: Knowing how to work at the right moment, not before or after. Knowing how to work with respect for precise parameters of functionalism, aesthetics and good taste. Choosing only shops of the highest professional reputation, once the briar has been transformed into a pipe. And many other things. So today the “imagine Castello” has been created as a perfect reflection of what Carlo Scotti set out to do 50 years ago, and that is what Castello pipes are really all about.

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Luciano and some artisan pipe makers put a full year date on their pipes, and I think this is an excellent precedent, rather than having to decode numbers or guess. It improves the lore and value of pipes at all price levels, I believe.

Medium to Full Pleasant Ok so if you have tried this you may be aware of the McClelland tin smell, I won’t debate it here, other than I personally love it. You may also be aware that it is hard to keep lit, is a pain in the ass to rub out, is to wet to smoke out of the tin and can bite you hard if your not careful. I thought you gave it four stars?

So first off let my start by letting you in on my ritual with this fine ‘baccy. I pop open a g tin and then rub the whole thing out as fine as I can make it, takes about a half hour. After transforming the black and dark brown rubbery, leathery, jerky like flakes into something resembling crumbled up rubber I then let it sit out on a piece of wax paper for forty eight hours. I then pour back into the tin and let it sit a week to “rest”. Now that this stuff is at a smokable consistency, I gravity load a bowl and pack as one would normally, making a few slight adjustments for humidity, time of day, wind speed, ect This is one of the sweetest, tastiest flakes ever produced.

It coats the palate with a slight tingle and a delicious sweetness right off the first few puffs. Don’t over do it or it will burn you. You have been warned! Then a myriad of delicate and subtle flavors come knocking at the door. Stewed stone fruits, plums, zesty citrus notes, some exotic spices, smoked wood, and a dense syrupy note.

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Ancient fountains[ edit ] Hellenistic fountain head from the Pergamon museum Ancient civilizations built stone basins to capture and hold precious drinking water. The ancient Assyrians constructed a series of basins in the gorge of the Comel River, carved in solid rock, connected by small channels, descending to a stream.

The lowest basin was decorated with carved reliefs of two lions.

Dating: 41 inside the castle emblem = Only the higher quality pipes are stamped with that date reference (starting from the smooth “Castello” grade). Lower grades as Sea Rock, Old Antiquari or Trade Mark pipes are near impossible to date.

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Pleasant In my efforts to continue fighting for truth, justice and the Royal Yacht way: An all-time classic from one of the world’s outstanding pipe and tobacco firms. It is a big seller at pipe shops around the country, and for good reason.

Dating a Castello pipe is never an easy job! In fact you can exactly read a number stating the year of production, only on smooth pipes (from ‘Castello’ series and up) made after , which is the year of the 40° Anniversary of the factory.

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Photo credit This majestic fountain, known as the “fontanone del Gianicolo”, was created for Pope Paolo V Borghese by Giovanni Fontana and Flaminio Ponzio and completed by Carlo Fontana with the enormous white marble basin. The monumental fountain is characterized by five niches, three big ones and two minor ones, lateral, which receive water from the lake Bracciano. Part of the inscriptions carved over the niches is inexact. It says that the pipes restored were those of the Alseitana, instead of those of Triana.

The coat-of-arms and the figures beside it have are the careful work of Buzio. The architect was also charged to open a space in front of the botanical gardens with a central arch.

On the pouch is seen inside the castle logo of Castello number 50, which refers according to the obscure dating system of Castello to the year of make, My first (Oct. 98) Castello acquisition is a “fatta al mano”, i.e. “hand made “KKKK Castello “Collection” birdseye grained pipe.

No size or grade stampings. The registration number is not for shapes or styles. This number purely and simply refers to the company trademark registered Castello. After the registration number was added, an additional marking was included. This denoted varying size of the pipes. In , Franco Coppo came to Castello. This grading methodology continues today with some minor variation.

Another important aspect of this era came in manufacturing technique. Small k in an oval.

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Plan of Villa San Marco Villa San Marco[ edit ] Entrance to Villa San Marco and atrium This villa derived its name from a nearby chapel that existed in the 18th century, was the first to be explored in the excavations in Bourbon times between and The documentation of the Bourbon surveys was published in by M. The villa was re-buried after the removal of its furnishings and of the better preserved frescoes.

Pipes – Castello PipesRead more Castello Pipes Often called “the Italian Dunhill”, Castello pipes are known to make handmade pipes of the highest quality – and with a whole lot of character.

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