AIRBRUSH: Learn the Basics of Airbrush Technique Part 9: Airbrushing T-Shirts

Practice on this instead of the more expensive T-shirts. You must practice on actual fabric, since it has a different feel from paper. This is a stroke that goes from a wide line to a fine line in a short space and is that used most often by T-shirt artists. All your customers will want a name airbrushed on their T-shirts. The most popular lettering styles are script, which is simply a controlled handwriting; block or bubble are solid letters with a bulbous appearance; and punk or graffiti is a straight, stick-type lettering. Remember to keep your letters consistent. To achieve a hard edge, you must use a stencil. Cut a stencil out of 5 mil acetate and airbrush through it; see how the spray captures the edge. Most airbrush work is a combination of free-hand airbrushing and stencil airbrushing. This should consist of red, yellow, blue, purple, aqua, brown, medium gray, black, white and hot pink.

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Jun 29,  · I have a Paasche model H airbrush and have been using canned air. I recently acquired a Badger model compressor but can not figure out how to hook it up. I"ve only been painting a couple weeks and really don"t know : Resolved.

Thompson Click on any photo for a larger view! Sometimes we find the coolest and most unusual things in unexpected places. That is one reason why I enjoy the occasional quick pass through a couple of our local resale shops. The shops always seem to have some item crying out for revamping into a new, more colorful, perhaps repurposed end result. Furniture is one of the quickest and most impressive quick change projects you can take on. Another perfect project is metal wall art, and that is what I have chosen for this article.

I will be transforming a set of contemporary, metal wall pieces to coordinate with a new location in my home. Photo 1 I found the items at a new resale shop and immediately knew they would make a great project to share. Metal art discovered at a local resale shop. Begin by gathering the materials you will need to do the transformation. The wire wall art is a simple style and will look very good redone in a brighter color scheme. Along with the art pieces I will use an Iwata Revolution CR Double Action Airbrush – but their single action airbrush with side color cup would work equally as well for this application; my favorite and long-standing airbrush air supply, the Iwata Studio Series Smart Jet Compressor quiet and very dependable ; the airbrush acrylic colors you choose; in this case I think red, yellow and some rich blue tones would add the right amount of POP to the finished art.

For tidiness you might want to have an airbrush cleaning station, some cloths and perhaps a paint brush if you want to do any fine detail work.

Iwata Smart Jet Pro IS-875 User Manual

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Model Railroad Hook-Up Wire

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It will fit your compressor and the Badger adapter on your airbrush. In the future, if you stay with Badger your set; if you buy Paasche, get another adapter, if you .

You may also want to consider a moisture trap, available from airbrush companies. PST From the picture it like it should work. You may need a fitting, but I don’t think so. You will need a water trap, Badger sells them. Definitely get the moisture trap, and pick up a set of quick disconnect fittings while you’re at it. Makes it nice and easy to switch between the airbrush and nailgun or whatever else you happen to have. On another note, unless HD is having a sale, you may also want to check out Harbor Freight for the compressor, nail gun, and accessories — the prices are generally a lot better, and the quality in my experience is quite acceptable.

PST I second the recommendation that you get one with an air tank and also buy a moisture trap. If the air tank is too pricey you can always buy a separate tank later. I do that and use a small compressor made for filling car tires not those tiny emergency ones which hook up to your cars cigarette lighter to fill the tank. I have even filled the tank at the local gas station on occasion.

The tank is very nice because I can fill it in the garage noise is outside and then use the airbrush in the basement with virtually no noise. PST Excellent suggestions all around.

Hooking Airbrush to Compressor

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The Paasche Model H Airbrush Set includes everything you need to hook up to a compressor. It features the H-Series single-action airbrush, which is ideal for craft, hobby, models, automotive, and T-shirt applications.

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For some reason that escapes me, I started thinking that it would be too weak to hold the pressure, but that’s a pretty silly point given that it was supplied by the manufacturer of the airbrush, and that I don’t plan on pressurizing to the point that I could take the lug nuts off my trucks wheels.

By Wes Hawkins Click on any image for a larger view! I decided that this time around I’d skip a figure and do something holiday related. For Halloween this year, my wife and I decided to make a cake shaped like a human skull, and I decided to see if I could add a few shadows and highlights and bring this cake to life, I mean death…you know what I mean!

Here’s the cake with just the frosting applied. You can get a general idea where the shadows and highlights will need to go. At times the coloring beaded up on the icing and other times it blended right in. I experimented with the air pressure and decided that 10 psi was about as high as I’d need to go. I learned this through trial and error, and unfortunately the error revealed that too much air would blow the icing off the cake.

How do I hook up my airbrush to a compressor?

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Only use airbrush gun colors in an airbrush system. Regular food gel colors may damage the machine. There are several types of colors like airbrush colors, electric colors and sheen colors. Be sure to clean the machine well after each use to keep it in good working order. I have several tutorials where I use an airbrush gun and I am working on more.

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Nov 10,  · Im trying to hook up my airbrush to a regular compressor with a 1 gallon tank for noise reduction. Now, the problem is that when I hook up the airbrush I can’t get the pressure to come out corretly. I have the same amount of pressure comeing out. Now i know that you need a gage but how to hook up is the problem.

First, what sort of painting do you want to do? If you mainly want to do rail fades, broad graphics and larger painted features and whole board sprays you might be better off with a normal spray gun typically. For smaller graphics but still being able to do rail fades etc a small gravity fed or smaller ‘touch up’ type spray gun. Basically you want a tip size that is suitable for the painting area to be covered.

As with all things, quality counts. Buy the best you can afford, any of the more popular brands are good value. With compressors, again quality and size both count.

Iwata Power Jet Pro IS-975 Dual Piston Compressor

The Iwata Smart Jet Pro Air Compressor delivers quiet, clean, pulse free air along with superb moisture separation and precise air pressure adjustment. The compressor uses PTFE gaskets to seal the compression chamber. This allows the compressor to be quiet without atomizing oil into the air stream, which makes the compressor virtually maintenance free. Air Pressure Adjustment Knob Though not a full regulator, the air pressure adjustment knob allows control of the air pressure. Adapter Kit for other brands of airbrushes d.

Welcome to /r/airbrush, your place for everything airbrush. Airbrushing is a huge field, enabling us to enjoy open discussion, videos, photos, airbrush gear, artwork, studios, artists, and other airbrush related goodies. Airbrush artists are a friendly bunch, so please feel free to share with everyone. Your input is welcome and appreciated.

Here is a comparison of the basic breakdown of all major components between a single and double action. Single action on the left, double on the right. Air Sources No matter what kind of airbrush you get or have, you need something to power it. Try hooking it up to an air source. Your airbrush should have a screw- like attachment on the flipside of the air button. Compressors are by far the best deal. You get a never-ending supply of air, for a one-time fee.

The down side is that they are expensive, and make lots of noise. You will also need an adapter for the hose size difference, but those are cheap and easy to find, just ask your LHS salesperson. Once you turn on the compressor, it begins compressing with a piston, and then, most likely stores it in a tank. I have a five gallon pancake oblong tank that I use. For the first few attempts at using an Airbrush, you may want to try out cans of propellant, available at your LHS.

Do not use too many of these, as they get very expensive and can cause global warming! They also will occasionally spurt out some cold material that can mess up your finish badly, which makes for an unhappy modeler.

Using a Regular Air compressor with an airbrush.

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