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Ecofeminism and ecopsychology are mentioned, for example, as are terms from organic gardening and permaculture. Because the life sciences messily overlap that’s life , terms from botany, biology, geology, chemistry, meteorology, and agriculture are included as well. Although designed for technical correctness and clarity, this glossary follows the practice in the Jung and Freud glossaries at this site of letting in a bit of humor here and there: Some states in the U. Abrasiveness also seems to be the one quality currently shared by most political appointees and prominent heads of state. Also refers to how objects convert the solar radiation they receive into heat.

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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information. Bianca Heyming Community Leader Whether designing ecologically inspired environments or navigating the terrain of government policy, Bianca Heyming joins Emersus with one mission- inspiring collaboration through community empowerment. She received her Advanced Permaculture Teaching Training Certificate through Midwest Permaculture, and has a featured speaker at events including: There she enjoys managing the food forest, aquaponics systems, honey bees, and four loving goats and too many chickens.

Her number one passion in life is spending quality time with her community mates and her loving husband and son.

Category Archives: Permaculture Design Philosophy. Barber also describes locating twists in the fiber of woven artifacts dating back thousands of year, a sign of shared labor: For the permaculture folks and bio-dynamicists out there, this one is straight-forward. However, I think this is where our Utopian vision is clouded by ego and greed.

These small, dark purple fruits are similar in appearance to blueberries. Place a link to rarepalmseeds. Twice a year you receive a check or a seed voucher. All you need to participate is your own Internet web site, some basic knowledge of HTML and about 30 minutes to join and add the link to your web site. All plants in the archive are briefly described, most are illustrated with at least one photo and many have valuable comments on germination and plant cultivation by our visitors.

The archive can be searched by keywords. The archive is for your reference only. If you wish to buy seeds please check the small packets or wholesale list also see above. All seeds are completely fresh and viable. We take samples from all deliveries of our collectors, in order to test the freshness and germination rates. These are very rarely low although in some palm seeds this is sadly unavoidable , occasionally acceptable, but mostly excellent.

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Sunday — Friday Home to the Christie family for two centuries, Hector Christie is the current custodian of the estate. As well as a sizeable organic vegetable garden, Tapeley Park has one of the oldest permaculture gardens in the UK. The gardens are open to the public six days a week closed on Saturdays , from 10 am — 5pm.

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What do you get when you add. The answer is boiled down like Broad Leaf Maple syrup mmmm good. I was looking for a solution to the problems of the world for years I think that’s what gave me the smile above, and maybe the facial hair but that’s another story. We me and Permaculture BC want to tell you all about this course and why we think it will be an experience that will not only change your summer but bold claim alert just maybe your life. This course might be a great fit if you. Never been a gardener before?

Sustainability a new word? Forget about it said in a bad Italian accent. Permaculture is tailored to new students and those who’ve been working in organic horticulture for years.

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Origin hypotheses[ edit ] A traditional hunter-gatherer society in Wyoming, Scholars have developed a number of hypotheses to explain the historical origins of agriculture. Studies of the transition from hunter-gatherer to agricultural societies indicate an antecedent period of intensification and increasing sedentism ; examples are the Natufian culture in southwest Asia, and the Early Chinese Neolithic in China. Current models indicate that wild stands that had been harvested previously started to be planted, but were not immediately domesticated.

An abundance of readily storable wild grains and pulses enabled hunter-gatherers in some areas to form the first settled villages at this time. List of food origins Sumerian harvester’s sickle, 3, BC, made from baked clay Early people began altering communities of flora and fauna for their own benefit through means such as fire-stick farming and forest gardening very early.

An example is the semi-tough rachis and larger seeds of cereals from just after the Younger Dryas about 9, BC in the early Holocene in the Levant region of the Fertile Crescent.

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Cacao Theobroma hereafter referred to as cacao is the tropical tree that produces cocoa beans, which in turn are the source of chocolate, cocoa butter and cocoa powder. I found cacao trees growing in Florida in and was surprised to find them in this region because it is outside the generally accepted growing area. I was curious to find out how viable it is to grow cacao in Florida and began to do some preliminary research and experiments.

I decided to write my thesis project about cacao in Florida. My research questions are as follows: To what extent can Cacao Theobroma be grown in Southern Florida? I chose this topic for several reasons. I have spent a great deal of my life working in all aspects of the chocolate industry.

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Convivial technology describes desirable technologies in a degrowth context. Abstract This article introduces the notion of convivial technology as a conceptual framework for technologies suitable for degrowth societies. This paper is inspired by Ivan Illich’s notion of convivial tools but reconsiders it in the light of current practices and discussions. Looking for a definition of convivial technologies it uses qualitative empirical research conducted with degrowth-oriented groups developing or adapting grassroots technologies like Open Source cargo bikes or composting toilets in Germany.

The basic ethical values and design criteria that guide these different groups in relation to technology are summed up into five dimensions: These dimensions can be correlated with the four life-cycle levels material, production, use and infrastructure to form the Matrix for Convivial Technology MCT.

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Feeding the world without addressing the methodology of farming would ignore the second goal straight off. Combing a few of the permaculture principles: Observe and interact, Value resources, and Slow and steady. However, I think this is where our Utopian vision is clouded by ego and greed. So the real question, is how can we overcome that barrier?

This question can feel overwhelming.

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Our school works at helping you in a holistic way, to develop all of the things mentioned above, in a way that relates to the discipline you are studying; and in this way, giving you the capacity to apply yourself to unanticipated problems, to understand new information as it emerges, to see and seize on new opportunities as they reveal themselves, and to continue to grow your abilities within your discipline as you progress through life after study.

In a world that is changing faster all the time; it is difficult to even be certain how this industry might change between the start of your course, and the time you finish studying. With this in mind; any course that is to have long term value in today’s world, must develop broad generic skills as above. This approach to education is not unique to ACS, but it is an approach tested, proven and adopted in our courses; and an approach that is also used by some of the most successful, cutting edge universities and colleges around the world.

Our staff are told to treat every student as an individual and respond promptly to their enquiries; and the facilities we have developed and continue to develop, are all focused on that goal. Offices in two time zones UK and Australia —which means an international team of academics are responding to students 5 days a week and 16 hours a day.

An online student room with unique resources that are only available to students studying our courses, including online library. Bookshop offering quality downloadable e books A data base of 20 million words of unique information written by our staff over 3 decades that can be drawn upon if needed by academics for use in supporting our students.

The school is active in social networking and encourages students to connect with us and each other. No automated handling of student phone enquiries.

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Statement of Attainment Understand How Nature Informs Growing Systems A permaculture system is a unique landscape where all the plants and animals live in balance in a self sustaining ecosystem. Permaculture has an ethical approach to designing land use and community systems, to provide food, ecological habitats and other essentials needed for human survival. Learning to develop plans for permaculture systems ie.

The term was first devised in by Bill Mollison an Australian ecologist and his student David Holmgren. It embraces three main ethical principles as follows: Preparing a Plan Design for natural disasters, Drawing a Plan, Preparing a final design Several plans will be prepared by the student, including one major design.

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In Endgame, Jensen makes two highly controversial arguments: The planet and the human species can only be saved by bringing down civilization. This can only be accomplished by violent means. Like a philosopher, Jensen builds his case on 20 basic premises listed at the beginning of both volumes see below. By definition, a premise is mutually agreed assumption as opposed to a statement of fact that is used to rationally derive a set of conclusions.

In other words, if someone rejects your premises, they will also disagree with conclusions based on these premises. I myself agree with all but premise 9 and Ten years ago, it was believed that the loss of fossil fuel based industrial agriculture would result in a big drop in population. However more recent research shows that permaculture and biointensive agriculture produce higher crop yields than factory farming. I also believe there is a vast difference between rich and poor people, both in terms of lived experience and power.

In Volume 1, Jensen traces the rise of cities, which by necessity steal resources from distant regions and eventually denude the entire landscape of these resources. After making the case that the corporate elite are voraciously consuming an ever increasing amount of energy, land, water and other resources, Jensen reminds us that we live on a finite planet.

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Waterworld, Bundoran, Ireland Drift off with the mermaids as you soak in an Irish seaweed bath. First unwind in a private steam cabinet: Then climb into a cast-iron roll-top bath filled with hot sea water and seaweed and play with the algae, feeling your skin turn silky. For the full treatment, stand up, pull a chain and blast yourself with a shower of ice-cold water. All electricity comes from a hydro turbine and solar panels, and the yoga shala has underfloor heating.

Wi-Fi and phone reception is sketchy, which was a joy after a few days. We were able to completely let go of modern life without travelling to a different country or paying a fortune to be pampered. With nutritious food and a peaceful atmosphere, our week at EcoYoga was an absolute tonic. Twelve of us worked with fantastic tutors, taking inspiration from natural systems, learning about sustainable ways to produce food, generate energy, house ourselves, create a community, think and live well.

It was a transformational tool kit for life that doesn’t cost the earth.


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