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He is the detective assigned to investigate the murders. He is able to make some progress on the case, but without understanding the supernatural element to the case his progress is limited. He initially considers Yu a suspect, but cannot bring himself to arrest his nephew. The long hours he spends at his job frequently keep him from taking care of his daughter Nanako. He is the direct superior to Tohru Adachi. In his Social Link, Dojima gets a lead on the hit-and-run case that killed his wife, making him stay out even later, to Nanako’s distress. Eventually he admits that he has been avoiding his daughter because she reminds him of his late wife, but vows to get over it and spend more time with her daughter.

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As I was playing through Persona 3, I bought Persona 4 and looked at the cast. The one that caught my eye the most was of course Rise. I don’t know what it was about her design, maybe it reminds me of Hatsune Miku and I do love Vocaloid music, and Rise has many similarities to Miku.

Enjoyment 8 Can any of you actually say there was a good video game based anime series? Seriously, the majority of them are Regarding the Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 based anime, I think I speak for every fan of the persona series when I say that it was nothing that we were expecting in the worst way possible. Yet, not all of them get a rare second chance at redemption like the Persona series, and the Persona 4 anime could very well be the best video game based anime we’ll ever see to date, but of course it has it’s share of problems.

In the backwater town of Inaba, mysterious events from strange murder cases to midnight showings of people in ways they have never been seen before begin to arise. But fortunately a transfer student with strange powers is on the case with his slowly growing group of friends. With my dose of sarcasm out of the way, Persona 4 The Animation is based off of the popular Not in sales numbers but in fandom Playstation 2 game, Persona 4 The name gives it’s self away. As video game based anime go, this could honestly be the best in very many aspects.

For starters, the anime is very true to the source material. Character models are close to original as they will ever be, the adaption doesn’t take very many liberties with the story so fans shouldn’t be disappointed, and it even goes beyond and takes many elements from the game to add oh so many charms and lovable quirks like the critical hits animations. It’s all great, but, this anime may be just too faithful to the game it’s based on.

And then there’s elements that any the fans of the game will understand, like the main character’s ability to swap Personas when the rest of the cast can not, the best explanation that non fans can think of is that he’s the main character and he is special. As for the characters, the main character, Yu Narukami Which isn’t his real name, but Protagonist isn’t an actual name so anything would’ve worked, even Fluffy Puppy would work because you can name him whatever you want, and yes that’s what I named him in my game , is the biggest blank slate of a main character I’ve ever seen.

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Share The Latin word persona was originally used to denote the mask worn by an actor. From this it was applied to the role he assumed, and, finally, to any character on the stage of life, to any individual. This article discusses 1 the definition of “person”, especially with reference to the doctrine of the Incarnation ; and 2 the use of the word persona and its Greek equivalents in connection with the Trinitarian disputes. Substantia — “Substance” is used to exclude accidents: Substantia is used in two senses:

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I do not bury myself in literature and usually if a good book is recommended to me I almost always wait for the movie. By contrast, this seems at odds with my affection for writing and enjoying AAA video games. But now, I have become enamored with an amalgamation that blends my love of literature with visual graphics into an interactive, non-linear storytelling mechanism.

I am suddenly breaking for something that is unique, visceral and totally unconventional for a conventional gamer. What is this hybrid-fusion of literature and gaming I speak of? Japanese Visual Novels for the computer.

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Top Voted Answer Basically none. The girls in this game pretty much don’t give a crap. Only two s-links can reverse, and only one of those two can break.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 is a role-playing game developed and published by Atlus for the PlayStation 2. It is chronologically the fifth installment in the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series. Like its predecessor, its gameplay combines a traditional role-playing game with elements of a social simulation.

Admin Serious Dating In a typical dating sim, the player controls a male avatar surrounded by female characters. There are many variations on this theme: Eroge only gets released to PC because large Japanese game companies do not want to release games with sexual content on their game consoles. Dating sims such as Tokimeki Memorial, and some role-playing games with similar relationship based mechanics to the genre such as Persona , often give choices that have a different number of associated “mood points” which influence a player character’s relationship and future conversations with a non-player character.

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Japanese, English, Other Buy this game now on Amazon: The Persona series focuses on building relationships with monsters found in randomly generated dungeons. You are free to explore as often as you want and climb as high as you want though there are locks at certain points where you have to progress the story further before you may continue.

Dating everyone persona 4 fusion. Atluss roleplaying video game persona 3 focuses on the exploits of the specialized extracurricular execution squad sees a. fuuka yamagishi is a main character from persona 3 fuuka has short tealblue hair and dark brownishgray eyes in the cutscene where she first summons lucia her.

Realli fe cam sexssssssss Persona 4 dating sayoko Yosuke wants to take Saki to see a movie, but an assembly is called in, where it is learned that she has died. Yosuke proposes a theory that not only people who appear on the Midnight Channel will die, but also the television world is somehow connected to their deaths. After acquiring a mysterious power called “Persona”, he embarks on a journey with his new friends to uncover the truth behind a bizarre series of murders involving the distorted TV World, as well as a phenomenon called the “Midnight Channel”.

Yosuke, out of shock, accidentally knocks the three of them into the television, where they enter a world shrouded by fog. They find a room with a noose and encounter an anthropomorphic bear named Teddie, who hands Yu a pair of glasses allowing him to see through the fog. After they discover that his body is hollow, they manage to convince him otherwise and offer to help find the culprit. Teddie leads them to the twisted shopping district, mirroring the Inaba Shopping District, where they find the Konishi family’s liquor store.

Margaret also reveals the guest’s Persona is a Wild Card, providing infinite possibilities. The main opening themes for the series are “sky’s the limit” by Shihoko Hirata for episodes , , and “key plus words” sung by Hirata featuring Yumi Kawamura for episodes , Yu, Yosuke, and Chie return to their world, thanks to Teddie. The next day, Yukiko Amagi rejects a disturbed student’s request for a date. Search for persona 4 dating sayoko:

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Dec 09,  · For Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs Answers question titled “Multiple Girlfriends = bad?”%(47).

Edit Elizabeth is the assistant of Igor , the proprietor of the Velvet Room. She makes her first appearance when the protagonist awakens in his subconscious, visiting the Velvet Room, where she greets the protagonist. While Igor is responsible for the Persona fusions, Elizabeth handles the Persona Compendium , which allows the protagonist to keep track of his fused personas and re-summon them. Elizabeth also provides various side-quests for the protagonist, ranging from bounties to getting various daily-life objects for her.

As the protagonist completes the side quests , Elizabeth may reward players with rare items and special items needed to fuse several specific personas. She also requests tasks that involve Tartarus and retrieving special equipment from there. Not only that, Elizabeth also requests items from the real world that could only be retrieved on specific days. If players choose to start the second cycle, Elizabeth will offer an extra side-quest of challenging her at the top of the bonus dungeon.

Upon reaching the final level, Elizabeth reveals her frustration of being unable to find out her true meaning to life, and hopes that someone stronger than her would be capable of giving her that answer.

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Set in , Persona 3 begins with the protagonist returning to the city of Tatsumi Port Island ten years after his parents died from an accident. He is introduced as a transfer student that has just moved into the Iwatodai Dormitory , but arrives late in the movie adaptation, it is revealed it was due to a suicidal subway train jumper. A mysterious boy, calling himself Pharos , introduces himself to the protagonist and asks him to sign a contract that states the protagonist will accept full responsibility for his own actions.

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